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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury  (Part One) 7:48 Min - This Part One Of a 2 Part Video On Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries Which Can Occur In The Course Of An Auto Accident


Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries ( Part 2) 6:34 Min



10 mph Rear End Collision. This Can Still Cause Significant Injury to an Occupant Even Though There Is Not Much Vehicle Damage 



The Truth About Low Speed  Auto Accidents (Part 1)


The Truth About Low Speed Auto Accidents (Part 2)


The Truth About Low Speed Auto Accidents (Part 3)




Whiplash Injuries and The 3 Phases of Injury




This is a controlled collision that occurred at less than 10 m.p.h.. Notice how she ramps upward in the seat ... this compresses the spine and causes injuries in the low back and neck (and elsewhere). Also notice how this research subject's head bounces off the head restraint: easy to see how neck injuries happen. Low speed rear-end collisions constitutes a majory public health problem. Lastly, see how her arms get pulled while holding the steering wheel, this is a common reason why people incurr shoulder injuries as a result of auto crashes.